Custom Orders and Specifications
  1. Any piece can be customized to your exact specifications and requirements. You must provide detailed measurements and specs, and we shall quote you a price accordingly.
  2. All our prices are quoted for hardwoods, unless otherwise noted. We work quite extensively with Teak, Sheesham, Mahogany and Rosewood, and can quote you for any of these.
  • Orders are taken in good faith, and goods are delivered in an apparent good condition. There are some factors that are inherent to the nature of this business, and whilst we are not responsible for any wood related factors that are beyond our control, such as change in climate, humidity, light, cracks etc, we will do our best to assist you.

  • Our furniture is made from only reclaimed seasoned woods which are then waterlogged. This process hardens the wood, and allows it to be shaped, carved and curved.

    The wood which is reclaimed or recycled is salvaged from old buildings, homes, palaces and temples that are going to be demolished throughout India.

    The recycled teak is cleaned by hand with a wire brush to remove the outer weathered oxidized coating or old varnishes and paints. Nails or other hardware are removed and then it is planed square for production. Larger holes left by previous fittings, joints or hardware are filled with chunks of wood with the same grain orientation. The wood is then re-planed and sanded, leaving us a smooth finish, prior to being crafted and assembled into new furniture. Minor imperfections and discolorations are inherent in this process and add to the charm of our unique furniture.

    Furthermore, prior to shipping, the contents of each container is fumigated to remove any bugs, termites or other organisms.

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